Friday, June 17, 2011

NT scan

The dreaded.

My results were not as good as I had hoped, but they're ok, and I think I should be greatful.

Papp A: .79MoM
hCG: 1.25 MoM

NT 1.9mm, 1.18 MoM

Down syndrome risk: 1:2,100
T18 risk: 1:73,000

The 1 in 2100 scares me a little. It was 1 in 32,000! last time. And I never really thought of it again. This time, well, I think of it. But I wouldn't say I'm worried. And I'm not really considering an amnio. I was really hoping to avoid any gray area by having the second while I was still relatively young (I'll be 31 when its born) and maybe I have. Maybe 2100 is good enough to not be gray. But it sure as hell doesn't sound as good as 32,000.

I think they got the date wrong too, by a day. I wonder how that would change things. On one sheet I'm 12w 5d, on the other I'm 12w 6d.

Oh well.

They took a guess on the gender. They said girl based on some thing they pointed out that's verticle for girls and horizontal for boys. They showed it to me and it looked pretty compelling. Anyone know how accurate these early predictions are? They told me not to buy anything pink.

I can't decide whether to get the second tri screening. I'm leaning against it. I hate this stuff.


  1. sounds like good news to me :) a little sister for d!

  2. The results look pretty good to me. However, I know what you mean...the dreaded grey one ever wants to be in there. I say, don't go for the extra screening and be happy with the results. I know {i know} easier said than done.

    And a girl!! {maybe, lol}

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  4. Been thinking about you lately. How are you?

  5. It has been awhile since we've heard from you...3 months I think?! Just popping in to say hi and praying all is going well for you and Dom and the baby!


  6. Hi, I keep checking your blog for an update. Hope all is well and I am thinking of you, Dom and the baby

  7. I also keep checking in, praying all is ok with Dom and hoping the new little one is here and safe. When you are settled please give us an update if you can, I think a few of us are worried not to hear from you in so long!