Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fifteen days

That's the number of days that elapsed in my pregnancy with Dom between the day I got a positive HPT to the day morning sickness set in and I threw up over a prenatal. It went downhill fast after that. With my first, unsuccesful, pregnancy I didn't get sick until around week 8.

So this time around that fifteen day mark would have been Friday. I did not freak out when I didn't get sick Friday. I was pretty proud of myself. But now it's day 17, and even though I know (I know I know) every pregnancy is different, and that most pregnancies are not as bad as Dom's I am still starting to feel like maybe this isn't good. Like I have this short window - get sick at 6 weeks = baby. Closer to 8 weeks = no baby, year of misery and pain, traumatized for life. Maybe this isn't the one. I have grown so attached to everything about this pregnancy. DH is on board. I'm thrilled about the timing. I've been really putting in my time with food and prenatals and cleaning the house assuming morning sickness would set in with a vengeance like last time. But I still wait...

I've woken up the last two days feeling like I had a hangover. But not feeling properly nauseous and I still have an appetite. I do feel out of control thirsty, I pee a lot, and I'm eating like a truck driver. Also I'm downing 2 prenatals a day (+ extra folic acid). I am concerned that my reserves are a little low so soon after producing the first baby.

When I said that DH was on board, I meant he was mostly on board. I still get these implications of "you wanted it it's your problem" from him. Like the other night when he started talking out of the blue about how he was not going to be getting up in the middle of the night. Ever. Even when I go back to work. Seriously? He said I wanted the baby I take care of it. Like it's a pet hampster. I got angry and he eventually claimed he was just kidding, but I know him, he was just being an a$$. Also, I mentioned to him how Dom had kicked me in the stomach yesterday (it was a pretty strong kick but at this point, even I'm not worried really) and he goes "See he doesn't want a sibling. I told you you should have asked him first." Really? But most of the time he's sweet about it. And if the pregnancy is viable I have to think he'll only get more vested.

The first baby, btw, is in his 14th hour of sleep for the night at 10AM. This kid is amazing. AMAZING. There's really nothing else to say. I am so in love with him. And not just 'cause he's a good sleeper.


  1. don't worry, i didn't have ANY morning sickness and she came out just fine!!

  2. I had horrible morning sickness with my son (lost 10 lbs but he came out healthy and chubby!)

    With my daughter I had morning sickness too, but it kicked in later.

    I also recently had a miscarriage a few months ago where I had no symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness when I was 7-8 weeks (but measuring 5.) I had never had a miscarriage so this was very hard.I know how hard this is but I think this little one will be ok :)


  3. my morning sickness didn't come until later, so no worries. And you're absolutley right, every pregnancy is different but it'd be nice to get some assurance every now & then.

    And yah...DH is being a bit rude. It's not like you hit him over the head, had sex & Maybe he's freaking out but honestly, for him to say "I'm not getting up, ever" is just being insensitive. Hang in there.