Monday, April 25, 2011

Operation get-a-new-OBG

Success! I made an appointment with Dr. X! I am so out-of-proportionately proud of myself. Even if she turns out to suck as bad as my old obg in terms of communication and bedside manner and being a general b!*$&, at least I know she can perform a good c-section. The receptionist asked why I wanted to switch. As if I owed anyone an explanation, I couldn't believe it. I said Dr. X delivered my son and I was thinking of switching anyway. Was that too passive? Incidentally my old Dr. was going to "give me a buzz" to let me know if my HCG numbers were doubling appropriately. Luckily for me I can do math and don't need her to give me a buzz. Because she hasn't yet. It just occurred to me that I forgot to cancel the appointment I had set up with her. I wonder if the receptionist figured it out... I'm not going to worry about it.

So but get this. Earliest available appointment was at 7w5d (fine, whatever) on friday the 13th!! (whaaaaat?) I avoided that date for my c-section with Dom but that's only 'cause there was an earlier one available, not as much because I'm superstitious. I think I am keeping this one. There is absolutely nothing magical about that date, it's just some stupid hollywood franchise. I think my dad was born on that date. And some friends of mine who are now married met on that date. I'm just going to keep reminding myself of these happy coincidences for the next few weeks. Hopefully I can add one to the mix.


  1. Alright! Good riddance to your old Dr! Man, my Drs office won't even let us switch within their practice. Major suckage.

    Ah, Friday the 13th.I agree...just a date that's linked to horror movies & Hollywood. Nothing more.

  2. you'll be ok mama, hang in there.