Saturday, April 23, 2011

So far so good

Not sick other than the usual pregnacy & daycare sniffles, knock on wood. DH is getting better. We're all having a low-key weekend and trying to reserve energy which has been nice. We slept in 'til 9. We went to a movie! in an actual theater! this morning. All three of us. It was kid-oriented (D!sney's Afric@n CAts, it was amazing) so the few peeps Dom let out were acceptable. He was really really good. We stayed for the whole thing. This kid blows my mind on a regular basis. The only time Dom and I had to leave the theater was because I had to pee. I still won't let DH handle him, he's still hacking up a lung. Going to the bathroom in a public place with an 8 month old is quite the challenge. We went to drive-thru !n-n-Out after the movie, the line was two miles long and at first I though we were really tempting fate with Dom's good behavior but he just zonked out in his carseat til we got home. Unbelievable. People keep saying our next one is going to be a terror. Our neighbor went so far as to tell us not to have one. Really? Who says that?

So my first beta was 271. 271 x 2 = 542.

My second beta, ~17DPO: 706. Solid.

It's a good day.

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  1. Beta's are looking fabulous! I am so amazed with the whole taking Dom to a movie. We haven't been brave enough to try that. Hmm, perhaps we should.

    And yeah, who tells you not to have another one? People sometimes just blow my mind.

    Glad you had a great Easter.