Monday, April 18, 2011

The line was darker this morning

Thanks girls for your support. When I first realized I had lost a follower I just automatically assumed it was because someone was too hurt by IF to read about someone getting pg a second time at the drop of the hat. I didn't think about the fact that it might be a disagreement with what I'm doing, or what I've done rather. HALF of couples get divorced. No one should throw stones in that department. Incidentally, DH and I got in another fight. But this time he didn't mention divorce. And this time he was wrong, so I didn't apologize. And I think the worst is over. Anyway, I managed to not take 10,000 HPTs per day over the weekend. I took one this morning though. Still knocked up.

Unfortunately, DH has bronchitis. The long drawn-out hacking disease. I am gravely afraid of getting a fever at this early stage and have been consulting dr. google and it's my understanding that you don't just 'catch' bronchitis...rather you catch the underlying viral or bacterial infection and that may or may not lead to bronchitis in you too. DH had a fever early last week and my guess is he got the flu and it turned into bronchitis. I got the flu vax and feel like if I haven't gotten it from him by now I'm not going to. If it's bacterial it should be non-contagious soon because DH got a round of antibiotics. Does anyone else know anything about bronchitis? Seriously I'm freaked out, as usual. Mostly about the fever part.

I'm going to call my OBG. Incidentally I'm FINALLY going to try a new OBG. Same group, same wing of the same floor of the same building. But I really need to start growing some balls in the area of - I'm not compatible with everyone. That doesn't mean I don't deserve someone who will treat me the way I need to be treated. It just means I have to find the people I am compatible with. I might try the person who delivered Dom. She seems nice. She did a good job delivering him. But I don't know anything else about her. What a messed up system. I think I will ask for the serial HCG tests, just to see. And an early scan. If the new OBG won't give me these things and I know I could get them from my old OBG I'm not sure what I'll do...I'll cross that bridge when I get to it I guess.


  1. Hey! Congrats! I know you wanted this deep down and as hard as two are (!), when they get bigger it gets easier. Or so I'm told.

    As for a new doc, I would definitely switch and on day 1 give her your history (even though she has it on paper, give her your version), and tell her you would really feel reassured with lots of betas, early ultrasounds, etc. If it helps with the fear and anxiety, that has to be a plus for the pregnancy, right?

    Good luck!!

  2. if you haven't gotten his cold or flu yet, i really doubt you will, and as for the bronchitis, i'm fairly sure you can't catch it, i'm no respiratory therapist, but my step-mom is :)

  3. Hello, delurking here. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope everything works out the way you want it to.

    I'm just curious, how do you know that you lost a reader and how do you know it's because of "what you did"? Did this person email you or something?

  4. Thanks girls, all of this has made my day. Esperanza, I just noticed I had one less follower (there's a list on the sidebar) the day after I posted the news about the pregnancy. I have no idea why, I've only been speculating. It could very well have been that someone got around to cleaning out their reader list and had gotten bored with this blog. Maybe it was just a coincidence about the timing.