Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Once more into the deep...

I talked to my OBG office and said I got a positive HPT, I would like serial HCG tests, and I would like a new doctor please, specifically the doctor who delivered dom (we shall call her Dr. X for now), thankyouverymuch. Apparently they couldn't just make me an appointment with Dr. X. They had to put in a note to the scheduler to make an appointment for me and then call me back. But somehow they could still tell me when her first available appointment was. Early May. Awesome. But I want the HCG tests now, I don't want to wait around for the scheduler to figure out what's going on and then have to explain to Dr. X why I need them. I just want to go and take them. I must have done a hundred of these, I don't even feel like I should need permission. In fact, I'm sure by now I could persuade the lab techs to give me a few HCG quants on the DL. So I asked if my former OBG could order them. Only if I make an appointment with said former OBG. Whaaaaat? So I made an appointment with former OBG who couldn't get me in before 9 weeks. Unacceptable. But I won't be keeping that appointment anyway. And I got the HCG tests ordered. Or at least I know I got one ordered. My former OBG's ever-unhelpful assistant called me yesterday to say former OBG ordered the test. "One test or two - you're supposed to get two..." I started. "I don't know she didn't tell me that," she said as if it wasn't that important and she was trying to calm me down. Just the two calls I've had with this office already has vindicated my decision to leave the original OBG. She and her assistant are the kind of people you feel worse after talking to, rather than better. Our dog trainer for the furbaby we gave away was like that. It's like priority #1 is covering their butts. And that's priority #2, #3, and #4 as well. Makes me wonder why they didn't become lawyers.

My plan is to take the HCG tests, cancel the appointment with my former OBG and then put a note in to the scheduler to go ahead and get me in around 7 weeks with Dr. X. Foolproof, right? What could go wrong?

I got my first beta yesterday after work, approximately 15DPO: 271
Progesterone: 24.3

The beta looks ok. With Dom it was 319 at 14 DPO. And of course I could be off on my O day by a couple days. I have no idea what the progesterone is about. I think it's ok too. Of course the more important thing is HCG tomorrow. And more important than that is a heartbeat. I am only 4w4d and it already seems like FOREVER.

It seems like everyone around me is sick. Really sick (= fever). And it's stressing me out. Hopefully this is my freak-out period for this pregnancy and hopefully I come out unscathed. I am being SO careful. I'm staying away from everyone. I must wash my hands sixty times a day and that doesn't even touch how much hand sanitizer I'm using. I don't come near DH. I might even skip out on this weekend's Easter festivities 'cause I don't want to be in close confines with him. And now my assistant at work has a "really bad cold" and she came in this morning after two days off and was talking about how bad it was and the fever, etc. GO HOME! She is absolutely hacking up a lung right outside my office. She's pissing me off. Dom was exposed to pink-eye at daycare. He doesn't seem to have it though. Some 2 year old came up to him this morning and stuck her finger directly into his mouth. ... I wish I could find a cave somewhere and Dom and I will just wait out the next couple months. I feel like I'm constantly dehydrated and have perpetually over-active sinuses, but other than that, I'm hanging in there.


  1. i'm glad the numbers are looking good. i hope you can calm down about the whole possibility of getting sick thing. i know that it sucks extra bad to be sick when you're pregnant, but lots and lots of people have been sick while pregnant (including me, multiple times) and had perfectly healthy babies. it's gonna be ok mama, just breathe ;)

  2. Your last Dr didn't sound too great so I'm hoping that Dr X is the way to go! And I can't believe they can't squueze you in before 9 weeks. REally? Come on, you'll take at least 15 minutes...tops. Pfft.

    It's hard to be around people when your pregnant & when you have a little one. I admit, I freak out. I think...oh my gosh, what if something goes wrong? But - DH tells me, the baby needs to be exposed to sickness. His/herm immune system needs it. That calms me down a bit. But I understand where you're coming from. Hopefulyl Dom won't get pink eye...cause that is no fun.

    And yes, if you're sick {ahem, assistant} you need to go home. Or ast least work from home. That's what we do. Goodness.

    I say enjoy the Easter festivites & have fun.